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The world has been hurtling downhill for decades, however the 21st Century has seen that decay accelerate and then go into hyper warp in 2019. This happened with either total capitulation or little resistance from the so called church. 


With a global institutional humanistic/atheistic education system and Media, 7 out of every 10 children will leave the faith by age 18, convinced there is no God, Global Warming is real and Socialism is truth!


 This Orwellian Big Brother Media/brainwashing system has most Adults so firmly entrenched in there Atheistic and Socialistic beliefs that they are hostile to any suggestion of Political or Biblical Truth. The Talk Revival Radio Network was founded to address those issues, to teach, inform and entertain, by providing shows that are a "vehicle" for non compromising truth, that expose the lies!


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The Shows:

The News Show


Broadcasting from a "Concrete Bunker somewhere under the new Iron Curtain of the World"  in this current affairs show we take a look at the news from a true Christian Conservative Perspective. 

The MAN from WOTM

"Movie Quality" Audio Adventure that parodies James Bond, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Danger Man, Sam Spade and any other secret agent/detective we can think of, all combined with a great Christian message.




Uplifting "Sankey Style" music and more, performed on the Ukulele, Banjo, Harmonica and Guitar, will soon have your spirit soaring and your feet tapping!



defending yourself

Reds under the beds...or in Parliament, 666, Build Back Better and the Pope, an interview with Katie from Good Patriot and much more!  Tune in now!

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