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Todd is an Ordained Minister, Pastor and host of The Prepper Website Podcast. 

TRR Episode 16, Guest Todd Sepulveda
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Talk Revival Radio Episode 16

Our guest for this episode is Todd Sepulveda of

In case anyone has been living on Mars for the past 20 years, things have been going downhill rapidly for some time, but 2020 has seen a epic landslide in the world situation. With persecution coming on the church in ways we just could not imagine in 2019.

How do we respond to that as Christians, do we sit back and think what will be will be, just trust God, or do we need to be prepared as much as possible?

Todd is an Ordained Minister and a Pastor. He isn't running scared or cowering in fear, but believes that God has always hinted and shared with His people where things were headed: Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses the prophets, etc. and he sees clearly in Scripture that His people didn't always heed the warning signs...

Theatre of the Mind

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Patricia Engler of Answers in Genesis Canada

After 12 years of homeschooling, Patricia completed a BSc with distinction at a liberal Canadian university. There, she studied intensely evolutionary courses to learn firsthand how Christian students can navigate secular education without compromising their biblical worldview. Her experiences showed her the importance of Biblical teaching, apologetics and mentors for students, with her own long-time mentor being Dr. Margaret Helder (PhD biology).

To learn from other students’ experiences, Patricia backpacked 360° around the world solo in 180 days, documenting how Christian students in multiple countries kept their faith during university. Now, she is excited to equip youth across Canada with the message of biblical authority that AiG proclaims. Using AiG resources, the tools she developed, and insights from students she met worldwide, she provides invaluable “real world” training to Christian youth and young adults in how to navigate secular education. In her spare time, Patricia can often be found adventuring outdoors, exploring back roads, or playing ukulele.

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