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Our guest is Kyle Justice of Awesome Science Media, Emmy nominated producer of many creation science DVDs and programs, homeschool Dad and father of eight.

TRR Episode 20, guest Kyle Justice of Awesome Science Media
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Theatre of the Mind!

Ethan smells something fishy!

Our guest for this episode is Kyle Justice of Awesome Science Media

Kyle Justice is the Emmy nominated producer of many creation science DVDs and programs. He is the father of eight children, the oldest being Noah Justice. Kyle has been married for over twenty-seven years to Dawn Justice. Kyle and Dawn homeschool, incorporating most of the kids into the travel, shooting, and marketing of their DVD titles. As they travel in their 36' motorhome, the kids learn about production, photography, science, geography, public speaking, and public relations. Their brand of creation videos is under the label of Awesome Science Media.

​Many of their video titles are used for science education in the church, Christian schools, and home school programs.

Through the 1990s Kyle worked for Moody Bible Institute, The Family Channel, and Regent University. In 1997, together with the newly formed Answers in Genesis ministry, Kyle produced his first creation science DVD project,The X-Nilo Show. In 1999 Kyle became an independent television producer, creating content for major networks such as ESPN, National Geographic, the Outdoor Channel, Fox Sports, and Comcast SportsNet. Kyle continued producing creation science programming by developing The Creation Network a weekly program airing nationally on Sky Angel during 2000-2001.

Current Issues Corner

Our second "guest" this episode is "The Rev. John Pious of the Church of Excessive Piety", he  brings us his view on how Romans 13v 1 applies to today's current events. But is he quoting a text out of context, to make a pretext and  does he have a political agenda?


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Our guest next episode is Joe Karabesh who is the President of Missionary Flights International.

Don Beldin was just one man flying a small single-engine airplane in the 1960s for Youth for Christ evangelism in the Bahamas. Responding to need, Don began transporting other missionaries and equipment in his plane. In 1964, the Lord guided Don to incorporate Missionary Flights International (MFI) to meet the growing needs of Bible-centered missions. The need for air service increased, so MFI acquired larger planes and added new countries.

After 42 years in West Palm Beach, MFI moved to Fort Pierce, FL in 2006. Today, MFI operates out of two hangars flying turbine-powered DC-3s to meet the needs of over 450 missions in the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and wherever the Lord directs. About 300 tons of cargo and 4,000 Christian workers are transported every year.

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