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Guest Joe Karabensh


Our guest this episode is Joe Karabensh, president of Missionary Flights International (MFI).

TRR Episode 21, Guest Joe Karabensh, President of MFI
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Talk Revival Radio Episode 21

Theatre of the Mind!

A robot to teach Sunday School? Good idea or bad idea?

Our guest for this episode is Joe Karabensh, President of MFI

In 1996, Joe began work as a missionary pilot and mechanic with Missionary Flights International (MFI). After a short time, in addition to flying, Joe was asked to temporarily work as the warehouse manager until the position could be filled. In 1998 Joe then transitioned from the warehouse to the office where he became the Executive Assistant to MFI’s President Dick Snook. In 2001 when MFI had to move the office and warehouse six miles south of the airport, Joe took on more responsibility and was named MFI’s Executive V.P. Over the next decade or so Joe worked closely with Dick as MFI moved from West Palm Beach to Fort Pierce where God provided a facility beyond anything “asked for or imagined.” Joe also worked together with Dick and others at MFI as it became apparent that the complete transition from piston engine DC-3s to turbine engine DC-3s was necessary for MFI to be efficient and economical. 

In January 1, 2015, after over 18 years at MFI, Joe assumed the role of president. 

Current Issues Corner

The image of the beast, Coronavirus and AI. Could there be a connection?


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