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Guest Simon Turpin, Executive Director of AIG-UK


Simon is the executive director and speaker for Answers in Genesis–UK

TRR Episode 26, Guest Simon Turpin of AIG-UK
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Talk Revival Radio Episode 26

In our first show, after a short break, we are continuing our second out of four Answers in Genesis interviews.  This week we welcome Simon Turpin of AIG-UK. 

In September 2015, AiG employed Simon to be the executive director and primary speaker for the UK ministry based in Leicester. Simon is excited about the opportunity that the Lord has opened for him with AiG UK in spreading the importance of creation apologetics, biblical authority, and the gospel.

Simon is married to Jessica and has seven children. He holds a BA and MA in theology. Simon has written several articles for AiG’s Answers Research Journal, some of which include “Review of John Lennox’s Book Seven Days That Divide the World,” “Did Death of Any Kind Exist Before the Fall?,” and “Jesus, Scripture and Error: An Implication of Theistic Evolution.”

Also in this episode we discuss some changes that are coming to TRR.  We look forward to where God is leading us!

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