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The Mark of the Boris

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Our guest this episode is Todd Sepulveda an Ordained Minister, Pastor and host of The Prepper Website Podcast.

TRR Episode 29, Guest Todd Sepulveda
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Topics Covered in Episode 29 include


  • Riots and White Genocide in South Africa

  • South Africans fight back with Crossbows due to lack of ammunition!

  • Vaccination Passports for Churches, but not for Mosques?

  • Will Boris eat his ID on his Cornflakes as promised?

  • Churches and Government Guidance in Communist Countries!

  • How the Movie The Printing based in the Soviet Union, mirrors today.

  • Climate Change/Global Warming hoax

  • Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, Conspiracy Fact not theory!

  • How Agenda 21 will affect you personally!

  • Are Concentration Camps/Gulags being built in the UK now, some hard evidence?!

We welcome back to the Show Todd Sepulvada of The Prepper Website Podcast where we discuss in Part 1 of the interview.

  • The economic collapse in Venezuela, and similarities between what happened there and what today is happening in America and Great Britain?

  • The 8 Signs that economic collapse is near,

  • How can we best respond to these signs when we see it coming?

  • How do you best discourage Looters

  • Price of Food is going up, going into more debt etc,

  • The most imminent doomsday threat

After Todd's interview we discuss how the Australian government is wanting to curb free speech on social media and shut down dissent from their NWO narrative and how Patriotic songs like Rule Britannia/ there'll always be an England are on the globalist ban list.

Phew!  Yes we know its heavy stuff but we end with why there is hope for mankind!


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