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Psychological Warfare

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Part 2 of our interview with guest Todd Sepulveda, an Ordained Minister, Pastor and host of The Prepper Website Podcast.

TRR Episode 30, Guest Todd Sepulveda Part II
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Topics Covered in Episode 30 include


  • Former Parachute Regiment Servicemen speak out about the psychological warfare the British government is now waging on its people.

  • Holocaust Survivor warns of the stages the Nazis used of humiliation, demonization and extermination and similar patterns we are seeing today.

  • Leaders who oppose Vaccinations that have been assassinated.

  • The Beast System- 060606 and The 13th June 2013 ruling on CDNA (copy of

  • Messenger RNA) section 101 patent eligible

  • Is the Third Reich alive and well today? What about the company Intrust given the contract to produce  digital passports in the UK and its Nazi roots?

  • Covid 19 Virus has still not been isolated

  • More proof Masks do not work, at all!!


Part 2 of the fantastic interview with Todd Sepulvada!

We ask

  • In our bug out bag we have a few SAS type books that we plan to take with us along with a Bible of course, if you could take 3 books (besides the Bible,) with you what would they be and why?

  • Do you run Bug out drills, or do you just have a firm plan in your mind if bugging in ceases to be viable?

  • Medical emergencies are also usually a matter of time in a prepping scenario, what advice would you have for those with health conditions or just anyone that could get injured?

  • Suicide rates seem to be spiralling at the moment along with depression and anxiety, what advice would you have for someone that feels its all hopeless?

  • For those that might not have yet listened to your show can you tell us a bit about it?

Finally I point out its time to get right with God!


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