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Our guest for this episode is Adam Houser.  Adam serves as the National Director of Collegians for CFACT.

TRR Episode 31, Guest Adam Houser of CFACT
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Topics Covered in Episode 31 include


  • What's in the small print of the contracts our Governments have signed up to with the Pharmaceutical Companies?

  • Andrew Torba, CEO of gab.com, and the desperate need to create a Parallel Society.

  • Who and what is the New World Order and what companies support it? Who founded it and how is it operating now?

  • Being a Conspiracy Realist not a just a Conspiracy Theorist, who created the derogatory term?

  • Ecocide - Are you a war criminal against mother nature? Mark Morano of CFACT's Morano Minute.

  • Greek Orthodox Priest Truth Bombs Church and Government Leaders for Covid Lockdowns, Tyranny and Church capitulation

  • How Dr. Remo Lebo warned us 12 years ago about the "Culling of The Useless Eaters".


Interview with Adam Houser

Adam Houser serves as the National Director of Collegians for CFACT, where he directs efforts to organize and educate college students on the facts regarding climate change, energy, and the environment. Adam also writes articles for CFACT and has been published in Real Clear Energy and the Federalist. He has testified to the Department of the Interior on energy development in ANWR, and produced investigative journalism videos for CFACT exposing hypocrisy at UN climate conferences in Poland and Spain, as well as many climate protests and marches. He lives with his wife in Northern Virginia.

We dicuss:

  • Why is the need to reduce our carbon footprint fallicious?

  • Now in the news are the Deadly floods in Germany and Belgium which will be discussed at COP 26 in Glasgow. Not surprisingly, government officials again blamed "fossil fuels", greenhouse gases and manmade climate change for the calamities, are we seeing conclusive proof of climate change or is there another answer?

  • Electric Vehicles are a hot topic at the moment, can you explain the problems involved in shutting down nuclear and coal, moving to so called renewables and then trying to get everyone to switch their vehicle to electric?

  • There is a war going on against meat and dairy farming and they want everyone to be vegan or eats insects, why should we be worried?

  • How efficient in terms of both cost and performance are so called renewable technologies versus Coal and Nuclear?

  • Is it true that nearly all renewables are made in either Germany or China?

  • Did Climate change really cause the Florida Condo to collapse?

  • What is WOTUS and why is it bad news?

  • Can you save the planet through Taxation as our governments want to do and are doing?

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