Defending Yourself


Our guest for this episode is Katie AKA "Good Patriot"

TRR Episode 32 Guest Katie AKA "Good Patriot"
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Topics Covered in Episode 32 include


  • Red's under the beds.... or are they on benches in Parliament!

  • President George H. Bush's New World Order speech

  • Election Fraud since the 1990s!

  • Are they trying to erase New Zealand Evangelist Barry Smith from history?

  • 666, Build Back Better and The Pope

  • How to get people to line up to die willfully!

  • Listener Feedback

  • Talk Revival Radio plays the Family Fortunes Game Show!?

  • The Morono Minute- Repent for the sin of climate change denial????

  • The Man from WOTM Radio show short.

  • Actor Herbert Marshall and The Man Called X

Interview with Katie AKA Good Patriot

Katie, known as "Good Patriot" on social media, began her business four years ago to advocate for the protection

of the Second Amendment and the fun hobby of shooting guns. Since then, it's morphed into an online presence that not only fights for the right to bear arms but also for all things faith, traditional family values and freedom.

We dicuss:

  • Free Men do not ask permission to bear arms

  • Debunking Common objections to the Right to bear arms.

  • Top 5 Reasons for owning a gun

  • Reasons for Women to own a gun

  • Refusing to wear a Mask

  • If you could take just one gun into a self defense situation what would it be and why

  • Self Defense training

  • Thought on Agenda 30 and The World Economic Forum

  • Is a second civil war in America just a matter of time?

  • What's the biggest threat we face today?

  • Seeking God and Truth

  • How to start prepping

  • Having your own Red Dawn 2.0 tribe

  • The Warrior Poet Society Network

and more...

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Good Patriot

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