Can You be Pro-life & Pro-vax?

At the moment, in regards to the Moderna & Pfizer MRNA injectable, many questions are being asked. Are there really fetal cells in them? Are they really safe? What are my thoughts on vaccines from a Christian perspective?

I have to say, Covid-19 has been good for one thing and that is for bringing the vaccine debate to the fore-front. People who never once questioned getting themselves and their children jabs are now doing their own research. What they are finding is horrifying!

I think we are asking the wrong question right now. Instead of, "Should a Christian get the Covid Vax?" let's take it a step further and ask, "Should a Christian get vaccinated at all? For anything? Ever?"

A true Christian is pro-life. No ifs, ands or buts (If you need proof as to why, contact me and I'll show you. I'll probably even write a post about it. But for today, we're going from that view point as it is truth and that's what we're about here at TRR). Therefore we cannot support a therapy that is developed/being developed from harvesting the organs of aborted fetuses and tested on orphans and the mentally handicapped. Christians are voices for the voiceless. Christians stand up against injustice.

I therefore feel it is the duty of every Christian to watch the below video, the deposition of Dr. Stanley Plotkin, known as the "Grandfather of Vaccines" . It is long and hard to watch, yet vital viewing in this day of deception.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it's only the truth that sets you free.

Keep looking up!

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