Face Mask Effectiveness

Here we are 15 months after the first lockdown, still told to "wear a face covering" or "Hands, Face, Space" (psyop anyone?) and there are still no definitive answers on the effectiveness of them.

One day we're told not to wear masks, they're not effective and save them for those in the medical industry. The next day we absolutely should wear them as they stop water droplets which carry the virus. Still there are numerous other voices telling us to stop the madness as masks carry deadly bacteria, viruses, reduce oxygen, increase Co2 levels, delay development in children, carry parasites, etc., etc., etc. Oh, and I mustn't forget the "woke" church that continuously tries to guilt good Christians into wearing them because it's "loving thy neighbor" dontcha know and "hey man, Jesus would" (does anyone even realize how ridiculous that argument is? The Creator of Heaven & Earth wearing a mask?! Literally God...wearing...a ...mask? Ummmm?)

Anyway, the question remains - does a mask help more than it hinders? And if it does help, how many should you wear? Watch the below video by Dr. Byram W. Bridle and see for yourself.

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