Why Robin Hood is Still My Hero!

  • Richard Greene, Richard Todd, Errol Flynn, Michael Praed, Jason Connery, Cary Elwes and many others have played him, both on small screen and large

  • He teamed up with Walter Scots, Ivanhoe, in both 1952 and 1982 film versions of the outstanding novel

  • He is the star of various computer games like Spellbound Studios "Robin Hood legend of Sherwood"

  • A festival is held every year at Sherwood Forest, celebrating his adventures (unless Prince Boris lock's us down,)

  • Boys of every generation since medieval times have tried to emulate him

  • Possibly the father of modern day camouflage?

  • Boosted the economy of Nottinghamshire and attracts visitors worldwide!

  • Has inspired thousands to take up archery!

Whilst I am sure many of the stories about him have been embellished over the years and every now and again some expert claims they now have proved he never existed... we have every reason to believe he was a real person who lived around 1190 A.D!

Robin & Little John, Sherwood Forest (just before the old visitor centre was knocked down)

Despite the climate change/global warming nonsense we hear today, Robin and his merry men probably took advantage of the medieval warming period, (when temps were higher and summers longer,) which would have made it far easier to survive in Sherwood Forest for longer periods. Little John is also well known to have been associated with Hathersage, Derbyshire, (his grave is there) and Robin and his men may have wintered in that part of England, when the Forest got a bit chilly for "manly men in tights" (sorry could not resist.)

  • Team Falchion event by the Robin Hoods Oak, Sherwood Forest

One phrase however that is forever associated with the hero is "that he robbed the rich to feed the poor" and, whilst I understand what that means, to the lens of the 21st Century Socialist mind it has taken on a much different than intended interpretation.

The Major Oak at Sherwood Forest

Robin was really a patriot, he loved England, he loved King Richard but he hated the tyranny of Prince John who had deceived his way to the throne...does that remind anyone of Joe Biden, by the way?

What he did in effect was do an emergency evacuation of his rightful estate and go to his "bug out" location of the hidden Oak. Gathering an elite team of what we would call today Preppers or Survivalists, he was able to take the fight to the government of the day which had stolen so much through tyrannical, oppressive unfair taxes and help restore the rightful ruler of England, King Richard, back to the throne.

Robin was no socialist, Robin was a freedom loving patriot, the like of which the world needs again!

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