Jonathan England

Founder and Host


British  Evangelist Jonathan England aka "The Ukulele Evangelist" started preaching whilst a teenager back in 1992.  Actively ministering since then, he has preached around England and as far afield as the United States.

Jonathan seeks to warn and educate the Church on the serious issues that it faces and he stands to oppose those who seek to destroy it. 


He does seminars and events  around the country touching on politics, creationism, eschatology and the Bible -  confirming that it's message of salvation  can be trusted and its warnings heeded!!


Alongside Preaching and teaching he also has a music ministry singing and playing the Electric Ukulele.

Hobbies include Chess, Jeeps, Krav Maga and Shooting.

Sharon England

Co - Host

Mama Bear with a penchant for the truth. 


Sharon is an award winning artist and poet who loves singing, homemaking,  natural health/herbalism, the outdoors, cars, her husband, kids and furbabies.


She is a warrior fighting the evil agendas that threaten the home and are bent on the destruction of the nuclear family. Determined to use her talents to lead others into freedom, she longs for revival to shake up both her first home of America and second home of England.


Ethan & James

Comedy Duo


Biblical truth wrapped in slapstick comedy with Old Time Radio charm.


"The Ethan and James Comedy show is really, really funny, it beats watching the Telly any day, its the best comedy there is!"

 - Ethan and James